Group of young people practising yoga with senior trainer helping to keep yoga poses in the white studio. Woman helping her friend to open shoulders and chest doing yoga asana.

Fit and Wellness Package


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Achieve optimal health and relaxation with our Fit and Wellness Package.

30 Mins-Yoga/Mini Express Exercise

30 Mins - Massage

30 mins - Aromatherapy

Tired business woman with newborn try to work. Business, motherhood concept.

Busy Mom Package


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Pampering and relaxation for busy moms.

30 Mins - Meditation

30 Mins- Shoulder and Neck Massage

30 mins - Facial

Portrait of relaxed beautiful young couple lying on massage table at spa center

Couples Wellness Package


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Indulge in blissful relaxation together.

30 mins - Massage

30 mins - Yoga

30 mins - Breathing and Meditation

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